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Orbital’s Antares First Test Launch Planned this Week

A unique part of this program is that Orbital is working under NASA’s Commercial Orbital Transportation Services (COTS) program. A commercial approach to space is both exciting and challenging.  The success of the mission is still expected, relying heavily on proven technologies while calculated differences from a standard space program are accepted to reduce the cost of accessing space.  Orbital’s vehicle is designed to bring cargo to the Space Station.  During the upcoming inaugural launch test, two Aerojet AJ26 expendable rockets will be demonstrated and a simulated cargo ship will demonstrate separation from the launch vehicle in orbit. 

Good luck Antares!


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Girls Who Code, Applications Now Live!

Intel has opened applications for their new Girls Who Code program.  The program will provide girls with what they need to pursue a passion for code and the computing field.  As a full disclaimer, coding is absolutely not what I wake up every morning eager to jump out of bed for.  I took a Basic class in high school and loved the idea of what code can do, but hated debugging.  I’m in awe of the people I’ve met who can code like it’s what they were born for.  Check out Intel’s program if coding is your thing, or pass the info on to a young girl who can’t get enough.