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Apply Now for a One-Way Trip to Mars with Mars-One

Mars One is taking video applications for a 2023 one-way mission to establish a permanent human colony on Mars.  Current applications can be viewed and rated by the public on their website as part of the selection process.  Mars One is a nonprofit and it appears funding for the project may come from televising the final round of the application process.  The short intro video on the mission is worth a look even if you’re not ready to sign up for a one-way ticket. 


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Volunteer for the Mars Desert Research Station Team

Mission Support volunteers are needed to help crews completing exploration operations research in preparation for sending a human crew to Mars.  Most volunteer assignments can be virtual in support of the ongoing studies in the Mars-like environment of Utah.  Positions include: CapCOM Coordinator, Flight Surgeons, Engineering, Observatory Team, and more.  This project is an awesome start to taking on the challenge of exploring Mars.  Check out all the volunteer opportunities.

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Send Your Name to Mars on MAVEN!

Anyone over the age of 18 can submit their name to be sent on a DVD that will travel to Mars on the MAVEN spacecraft.  You’ll get a certificate documenting your participation.  This is a great chance to participate in exploring space!

The Mars Atmosphere and Volatile Evolution Mission (MAVEN) is set to launch later in 2013.  The vehicle will explore the planet’s upper atmosphere to provide knowledge on how the Martian climate has changed over time.

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