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Only $20 Now to Be the Envy of Your Friends in 2014!

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Who hasn’t heard about Mars One? At the end of 2013 they announced that 1058 out of over 200,000 applicants were selected to proceed to round two for the selection of a crew to make a one-way trip to Mars.  What you might not know is that Mars One has recently added a set of 15 different stickers as a Contributor’s Perk for a $20 donation to raise funds for the effort. These stickers will hold up to the outdoors!  Estimated delivery is March 2014.


Grab these, or peek at other available Perks.  The most popular right now is the Mission Backstage Pass, where Contributors will receive exclusive reports on Mars One studies.  The Mars Orbit Selfie is trailing in second place, regardless of the long wait time –  selfie’s are estimated to arrive in 2019.


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