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Need a Reason to Visit Colorado Springs?

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Why not plan a trip to beautiful Colorado Springs and volunteer at the 30th Space Symposium?  The space conference runs from May 19-22 where global space leaders will discuss commercial space, national security, research, and more.  Past attendees have reported that the event is the place to network and make things happen. 

Registration is close to $2000, but volunteers are able to attend a speaker or panel session after volunteering for 4 hours.  Volunteer requirements are simple: you must be 18 years old, dress appropriately per the volunteer guidelines, and provide two references.  There’s no need to be an aerospace specialist!   Check out the volunteer info here.

If interested in attending as a paying guest, see all the registration details.   Early Bird pricing is still open.

If you already work in the aerospace industry, there’s a form to fill out to draft an email convincing your boss to send you.  Definitely check it out!

So, who wants to attend?


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