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Catch the Blood Moon April 14/15th

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Monday night the sky will be painted red during a total lunar eclipse while the moon passes behind Earth blocking the sun’s rays from hitting the moon. The red color is created by the way light is bent by the Earth’s dusty atmosphere.


Fred Espenak/NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center


The entire Western Hemisphere will be able to view the spectacle. The eclipse starts at approximately 2AM EDT April 15th, or 10:58PM PDT April 14th, and will last over 3.5 hours. Totality starts at 12:07 PDT and will offer the best views for about 80 minutes. If you end up clouded out, you can still catch a live stream.

NASA will be running a live web chat during the entire eclipse so that viewers can ask questions and learn about what they’re seeing.  The chat will go live when the eclipse starts.

Plan for a late night and get that camera ready!



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